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Pilgrimage across Prince Edward Island Canadian Camino  Prince Edward Island Camino de la Isla - After trekking across five varying pilgrim routes including the Camino Frances, Via Podiensis / GR65, and the Cam...
Pilgrimage on Canadian Trails Nova Scotia Canada Canadian Caminos - In 2016 after completing the first of what would later become five treks along a Camino route in Europe, as members of the Canadian Company of Pilg...
How to Get Out and Enjoy Winter in Canada Making the Most of the Weather  Canadian Winters - Have you ever heard the saying, "There's no bad weather, only dressing badly for the weather"? I am someone who, hist...
Adventure Seeker Sarah's Top Picks A Year in Review  Top Travel Experiences of 2021 in Canada - My top travel experiences of 2021 was actually a tricky list to make! Travel and adventure is life so there is cer...
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YEAR of the Road Trip!

Here at eh Canada we love Road Trips! The excitement begins with the anticipation of Adventure. The Great Outdoors await! As the fresh air fills our lungs, the scenery widens our eyes, we realize the adventure has begun ...Whoohoo! Camping, kayaking, fishing, hiking, boating ...Whatever your pleasure or try something new, get out there, let loose and forget the stress!

....Remember to LIVE LIFE's ADVENTURES

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Canada Parks & Trails
Canada Parks & Trails

Canada Parks & Trails

Canada is truly a meca of Adventure travel! Your opportunities for Adventure in Canada are endless. Thousands of Parks, Trails & Places to Discover & Experience.

National Parks, Provincial Parks, Community Parks, Wildlife Reserves, Trails ...
So much to Do and See!

So many places to discover and explore!
National parks, provincial parks, regional and community parks. Wildlife Reserves, hiking trails for all ages..
So much to Do and See in the Great White North!

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