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Canada Adventure Seeker Stories

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Here at eh Canada we love Road Trips! The excitement begins with the anticipation of Adventure. The Great Outdoors await! As the fresh air fills our lungs, the scenery widens our eyes, we realize the adventure has begun ...Whoohoo! Camping, kayaking, fishing, hiking, boating ...Whatever your pleasure or try something new, get out there, let loose and forget the stress!

....Remember to LIVE LIFE's ADVENTURES

Winter Cottage Rental
Canada Accommodations

Accommodations in Canada

Find the perfect accommodations in Canada. In Canada your accommodation choices are many! Get away camping, a waterfront wilderness cottage or cabin, or nice motel to take a break during your road trip.

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Canada Parks & Trails
Canada Parks & Trails

Canada Parks & Trails

Canada is truly a meca of Adventure travel! Your opportunities for Adventure in Canada are endless. Thousands of Parks, Trails & Places to Discover & Experience.

National Parks, Provincial Parks, Community Parks, Wildlife Reserves, Trails ...
So much to Do and See!

So many places to discover and explore!
National parks, provincial parks, regional and community parks. Wildlife Reserves, hiking trails for all ages...
So much to Do and See in the Great White North!

Events in Canada

Oyen & District Farmers’ Market 2022
  1.   Farmers Market
  2.   24th Jun, 2022 11:00AM